Village Visit: Bakayon People

Written by Addie


I love this shot!  There were Thai flags everywhere in the village (actually it’s everywhere in this country) and I just so happened to capture one of my girls running towards the truck as I was taking a pic of the flags.


I totally give the villagers props for being able to live in these wooden houses during a thunderstorm.  They are beautifully made, with bamboo and wood, but I would seriously freak outta my mind if I was inside this during the crazy thunderstorms and rain storms here!! 

post 5 post 5 

(right) A Bakayon woman in her traditional outfit standing in her home.  Everything…EVERYTHING is handmade!!! Her earrings, her headpiece, her clothes…EVERYTHING!!…and they are all sooooo beautiful!!! I love how the people of this village values their culture and traditions so much, even now in the present day. 




And this girl!!! She’s the cutest!!! They all have nicknames here, and by nicknames, I don’t mean a shorter way to say their name or something their friends made up for them.  It’s another name that has a special meaning.  This girl is Nong!!… have no idea what her nickname means though haha.

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