My happy place

Written by Addie

Fridays at Song Kwae Secondary School is when all the students and teachers wear the traditional clothing from Northern Thailand.  Aka the long patterned skirts and the nice ruffled tops (Anne and I are just in t-shirts of course…)

Although I come out from every class SWEATING from the wide amount of hand and body motions I need to do in order to get my message across to my class and vice versa, I love every single second of it.  The English/Thai dictionary helps a lot of course.  If there’s a word or two that I can’t explain then I would resort to the dictionary..and the students LOVE hearing foreigners try to speak in Thai.

Seeing great potential of the students but sometimes the lack of committed English teachers really breaks my heart!!  We need more good FARANG (foreign in Thai) teachers here!! hahah :p  


Ann and I out for lunch with the Engish Department 

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