Chom Thong, Thailand: Home for the next 6 weeks

Written by Addie
Seriously?!?! How exciting is this?!? 😀 Even though I am 8,300 miles away from home, and nothing is anything that I am used to at all (culture, food, weather)…. it feels so wonderful to be here.
Post 2

This was taken from the window of the plane when we were landing!  It was a pretty empty flight so I got to put all the armrests up and lie down across all three seats and take a nice nap 😉 

Post 2

It’s like a mini apartment, with a bathroom, 2 bedrooms, and a common area.  I’m sharing mine with a girl from France!  Honestly, sooo happy that I have someone here with me <3

The only..ONLY thing I am concerned about is the…SPIDERS.. (ugh!!) They are EVERYWHERE!!! I already killed 5 today…FIVE! ..And it isn’t even dinner time yet. (okay by killing I just sprayed water on them from the bathroom..but there was a HUGE one (the size of your palm, not including the fingers) and it just wouldn’t die!!! So my roommate had to slap it with her flip flops haha. Apparently, there are lots of spiders in France…so she is 100% okay with them.

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