3 weeks in

Written by Addie
Waaaooowwwy!! I’ve been here for three weeks already!! It doesn’t even feel like it!  At times it feels like it’s been way longer than it has been.  Actually, some days when I don’t need to teach and the girls have their own activities so I’m left with the village roads and the hot sun, it feels like time ticks slower.  I’m SO glad I’m able to find the time to stay 6 weeks this time instead of only 4 weeks last year in Cambodia.
Anyway, here’s just some of the girls (there’s 65 of them!!) posing for pics after mass today at the nearby church! Soooo adorable haha.  Apparently, the peace sign is called ‘woo’!! Is that ‘peace’ in Thai?  I’ve gotta find that out haha.  They all have the same shirt to wear on Sundays so they can all wear something nice to church!

They were SOOOO camera shy before and now whenever I pull my phone or camera out they all say “TEACHER TEACHER!!!!”..and do a taking-picture action with their hands and point at my camera haha.

And surprisingly I think I’ve picked up a lot of Thai for someone who’s only been here for 3 weeks!!  I have to learn some Thai words from the girls so I can actually explain what I’ve taught at school to the students.

I must admit, it was quite difficult at first trying to learn the basic phrases such as ‘hello’, ‘how are you’, and ‘thank you’.  But seriously after using it everywhere, it became really fun and useful to learn other phrases, such as ‘Do you understand?’, ‘I don’t know’, ‘This tastes good!’ etc…

Oh and not to mention, my students LOVE it when I pull out a random Thai phrase or Thai word. They get so excited and they stay engaged in the lesson (woo hoo :D).

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