How to survive a week in Singapore with $200 CAD

Written by doubleoexplorers

If you’re thinking ‘Singapore? I’ll won’t spend more than a day there.’ Then okay no.  Man you’ve got it alllll wrong 😉  But honestly I was only there because my sister was studying there for a semester, so I was thinking of checking that country out.  Otherwise I would not have thought to step foot in this clean, English speaking country made up from a blend of four main cultures with patches of jungle escapes and lizards that make their way into your room and become your friend.

I am ALWAYS on a tight budget when I travel.  It just makes it more fun and allows me to do more things.  SO…I was thinking..okay Singapore = $$$$$$$ a million dollar signs.  But I wanted to see if I could get away with just $200 CAD and it totally worked!!!

Money Exchange: I exchanged RMB -> SGD at the airport, go out to the main area and you will see two exchange booths.  Their rates are different from each other – some countries better than others so compare before you choose one!  I also found another place later on to exchange RMB -> MYR (Malaysian Ringgit).  Clementi Station, inside the mall, B1 floor, near the food court.   

Accommodation: Okay so I cheated a bit.  I stayed at my sister’s dorm, aka free stay for a week.  BUT if you haven’t heard of this site already, try

Food and water: HAWKER CENTERS haha.  They are essentially food courts but are super local, have a million choices, super cheap, and can be found anywhere and everywhere.  1.5 L water is usually $2 at convenient stores.  

The other kinda drinks;) Beer and mixed drinks are very very very expensive.  But the hawker center in China town has stands with beer on tap that are cheaper.  A pitcher is usually $16 and a pint would be $7.  Ladies, you can go to The Exchange on Wednesdays for free flow alcohol from 6-10 pm.  There’s lots of ladies night with free flow alcohol everywhere in Singapore.’re outta luck haha.  Happy hour at most bars end at 7 pm.

Day 1
Arrived at night
Subway Card: It costed $12SGD, the card itself is $5, and $7 was loaded on there
Dinner: Attempted to go to the hawker center at Clementi Station but it was closed so ended up buying bread from a bakery.

Hong Yit Bakery & Confectionery
431 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 120431
Less than a dollar for each bun/bread thing!!! 
From the subway station, take the exit that goes to the mall, but follow the signs for Bus Interchange.  Go down the stairs, the bus interchange should be right in front of you.  Take a right and go down more stairs towards an open space area.  Keep walking and you’ll see a bunch of bakeries.  There’s a bunch there but this bakery and the one beside it are the only ones that sell buns/breads for less than a dollar 😉

Day 2
Pulau Ubin!! Only the most beautiful island in Singapore 😉

Took the subway and transferred to a local bus to get to the pier (Changi Jetty).  You just have to wait there until there’s enough people to fill a boat.  It takes 12 and it’s $3 per trip.  Forget the shaded seats inside, we sat on the ground near the back and tanned the whole way 😉 harharhar.

This site will tell you all about the detailed cost of everything on the island.

We rented the $6 bicycles.  They will have $6-$8 ones but of of course they will only promote their $8 bikes haha so ask for the $6 ones.  Def need to test out the breaks and gears though.  I had to go back and exchange mine for another one cause my chain kept coming out. 

They have mountain biking trails on the west side of the island.  AHH so fun!! haha.
 They are categorized (blue, black and double black like ski hills).  
And well with no helmets…we just went on the blue ones. 🙂

When we were on our way back to the pier, we passed by a hill that we had to hike up…no bikes allowed.  And so we did and saw the most amazing view :D.

Lunch: Packed it haha.  Went to the grocery store the first night and got some Kaya and bread. They are BIG on Kaya toast there.  Super deelish! There are little restaurants on the island, but you get the smallest portion for a million bucks. 

Day 3

Kent Ridge Park, The Southern Ridges, Sentosa Island, Faber Peak, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay.

Wowy did sooooo much on day 3 haha. I walked from Kent Ridge Park to the Southern Ridges.  It was a really nice walk.  Basically through a park and then some gardens, then a forested area, a wavy bridge, that eventually leads you to the Faber Peak.  The path then led me down to Vivo City, which where you can take the boardwalk across to Sentosa Island.

The Peak…you can sit in one of those cable cars and DINE. As in have one of those fancy dinners on there at night.  lol I would literally be shoving my food down my throat cause how in the world can anyone eat that fast? Well I don’t really know how it works but I guess if they just take you up to the peak then back down and let you sit in the cable car until your dinner is finished then it would be pretty awesome.  Cute date idea hahaha.  Toronto should have this.  360 rotating dinner places are too mainstream now. haha.

Lunch: Seah Im Food Centre, 2 Seah Im Rd, Singapore 099114
I packed some sandwiches again.  So i waited until I was back down before going to a hawker center. ($4 – $6 lunches!!)

Sentosa Island (You can walk across the boardwalk or take the tram)

Okay yes I know EVERYTHING is man made, but the beaches are pretty nice and it’s grrrrreat to go to if you just want to tan for a few hours and watch the sunset after!  There’s 3 beaches, but I went to Tanjong Beach.  According to Lonely Planet, that’s the one kids don’t usually go to.  There’s a beach club there and well obvs I was being cheap so I just used their washrooms haha.  They do have towel service and showers and of course serve drinks.  To get to any of the beaches, you have to take the free tram to ‘Beach Station’.  From there, take the shuttle bus to any of the beaches you wish to go to.

Dinner: Malaysian Food Street, ‘Resorts World Sentosa Station’.
Food here was a bit more expensive than the other hawker centers.  My dinner was $6.

Gardens at the Bay
After dinner, I walked back to Vivo City, which is where Harbour Front Station is and took the subway to Marina Bay Sands Station.

I’ve only seen Gardens at the Bay at night but it was pretty nice with the lights on.  It was RIGHT in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  The one with the awesome outdoor swimming pool that I was DYING to go to, but it now only for hotel guests and it’s close to impossible to sneak in :(.  According to my friend, you now have to have a room key from the hotel and exchange that key for a pool key once you get to the top floor.

Anyway, Gardens at the Bay closes at 2am so no need to rush :p.

Day 4

Breakfast: Ya Kun Kaya Toast
3155 Commonwealth Ave W, Singapore 129588.
7:00 am – 9:30 pm

We had breakfast at one of the yummiest Kaya Toast chain restaurants :D!  Went to the one at Clementi Station cause it was the closest one to us.

I got the french toast with kaya set.  It was around $4.80.  Apparently you are suppose to stir the soft boiled eggs then dip your kaya toast in it. Okay it was super deelish.

MacRitchie Reservoir & tree top trekking

We took the bus there.  What I LOVE about Singapore is how there’s no entrance fees to any of these natural parks!!!! harharhar. 

You can go through the path in the forest or along the boardwalk. 

There’s a sign that tells you to go directly to the tree top trek and a sign that points the other way but brings you all the way around the entire park before you get to the tree top. Take the longer route cause it’s only a one direction trek and if you go directly there then you wont be able to enter cause you will be entering from the opposite direction.

Haha we came across this super awesome tree with a vine like branch and we were like… okay must climb this thing.

Okay the giant ass lizards were everywhere and they were super fast and cray cray.  There were also a million and one monkeys that took over the path in the forest.  They were actually kinda freaky.  One of them kept starring at us and started to follow us and was eyeing our bag and was about to jump on us hahahahah.  gtfo…

Yay finally got to the tree top trek!  It was not that long but it was nice and the bridge was super sturdy.  Kinda wish it was one of those broken, swaying rope bridges haha.

Lunch: Smash Sports, Queensway Shopping Centre
1 Queensway, #02-39H & #02-30, Queensway Shopping Centre, Singapore, Singapore 149053

This place basically has 4 stories of shops that sell all kinds of sporting equipment.  I found a lid for my nalgene bottle there!  Mine broke half way through my trip :(. 

There’s a lso a few food stands.  I had Laska…it was around $4 a bowl and $2.50 for fresh sugar cane juice. 

IKEA!!! 317 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159965

No one can ever hate IKEA haha. I mean… Swedish meatballs!! There’s this super awesome ice cream dispenser. (70 cents!!)  Although I was not as amused as my sister…lol.  These ketchup and mustard bottles though…cow udders. haha. 

Okay, soooooo glad I have friends who are just EVERYWHERE. haha.  Met this girl in undergrad.  Can’t believe she went to teachers college as well and woopyyyy met up with her in Singapore!  

Had drinks in the hawker center in China town first for fried Carrot Cake, Fried Oysters and this noodle dish. (Coliwa Department Store335 Smith St, Chinatown Complex (U/C), Singapore 050335)…then went to The Bucket list Bar 83 Club St, Singapore 069451.  They make their own whisky and I got the chili one … ahhh so good.  

Day 5

Coney Island
I took the subway to Punggol Subway station, then transferred to bus 84 and took it all the way to the end to ‘Punggol Road End’.  The bus didn’t actually stop there.  It just did a U-turn and was about to go all the way back to the station, so I jumped off asap haha.

This island…is not commercialized at all, but is very small.  It’s only 2.8 Km all the way around.  There are bikes you can rent on the left side of the bus station, but I just walked it since it wasn’t that big.  The beachy areas are very very very polluted :(.  OH AND THERE WERE FIGHTER JETS THAT JUST WERE ROARING LIKE EVERY 5 SECONDS.  It kinda freaked me out…but I was also super close to a military base so that wold explain it.

Little India & China Town
I made my way to Little India and China Town after that.

Lunch: Coliwa Department Store, 335 Smith St, Chinatown Complex (U/C), Singapore 050335
Their Chicken and Rice is super super super good.  

Totally wish I got food in Little India, but I was super stuffed from China Town.  I know right, I can’t believe I was away from Beijing only to go to Chinatown lol.

Inside Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple in Little India.  Everyone did their own thing and were singing and such.  I love watching these things and looking at the artwork in these places.

Day 6
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, 301 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718925

I got here a bit later in the day at around 3 pm.  But yea you MUST COME HERE!!! Oh yea, it’s also free.  There’s two parts to this place.  The first loop, then it brings you to a wetlands info house, then you go through another bigger loop.  

Okay that sign on the right.  I swear I flipped shit when I saw it.  hahahaha.  Cause I’ve never seen one ever in the wild and I have no idea how they behave, so all i imagined was a crazy croc coming to me at full speed with it’s jaws open. hahahaha.  That did not happen.  I ended seeing them when i was standing on a platform that was higher up.  

Also saw those big lizards again and and snakes and weird fish things that crawled in mud…..

Day 7
Okay…cheated again. I didn’t stay in Singapore on my last day.  We went across to Johor Bahru, Malaysia instead!!!  It’s SOOOOO convenient to go.  We just took the subway to Woodlands Station, and from there took the city bus 905.  If you take SMRT buses you can just pay with your Singapore subway card.  Here’s a website for all the other buses that go to JB.  We got off right after we crossed the border at Johor Bahru City Square and obvs went to find food asap.  I mean….we love food and so going to Malaysia means finding the local places and trying out whatever they have.  

Lunch: Restoran Kin Wah8, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
My Laska was 5 MYR and the chocolate-like drink was 3 MYR.  THERE WAS A BANANA BREAD PLACE right beside the restaurant (Right picture).  Sooooo goooood!!  One of the Malaysians who was also from Canada (yay) told us about it and basically helped us translate everything.   

We wandered and went to:
Masjid Jamek Sultan Abu Bakar (Temple)
Pasar karat (Night market) 7 – 10 pm, -26,, 20, Jalan Segget, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Jalan Trus Street – lots of Indian restaurants and we also got our henna tattoos done there.

Took the bus back at around 9 ish.  The streets were getting SUPER sketch at 8 ish.  It was so different from during the day. Lot of pregger strippers… So yes we left and went back to Singapore.  I left the next morning! 

okay FINITO!! I def only used $200 CAD!!! Even had $10 leftover! haha 

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