Mongolian Escape

Written by Addie
AHHHH deciding to go to Mongolia was honestly the best decision of my life!!! It was totally different from any place I have ever been to!  The train ride was freaken fun – we booked the hard sleeper (haha first-year broke teachers) and got a room to ourselves cause there were 4 of us.  
Ps if you’re planning on getting tickets from Beijing, get a Chinese person to get it for you! The cheapest price I was able to find was $253 /person but Ginny got it for us for $213!
When we got off the train, we were seriously like.. ‘okay now what?’..cause there was honestly nothing.  I mean there were buildings and such but nothing was in English.  So we got to the bank, exchanged all our RMB to Turs, and this super nice lady helped us call Bert on her cell!
If you’re also headed to Bert’s Camp (Eco-Tourism Ger Camp), this is how you would do it:
1. Take bus 41 to Bontanik (ask the driver to tell you when to get off 😉 )
2. Then take the bus from there to Nalaikh (Налайх)… Again, ask the driver to tell you when to get off.
3. THEN… (this is where you can get your sim card if you need on – there’s a plaza to the left of the bus stop).  Then walk across the street, there is another bus stop that is across another street from another plaza.
4. There is a bus with a red strip that will take you to TERELJ PARK! :D.  From there, Bert’s driver will do the rest!  He’s gonna come pick you up with his horse and wooden cart!


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