Time flies…! Especially in Beijing!

Written by doubleoexplorers

I’ve been wanting to update sooo many things on here!.. But of course I never have the time to.  I was still blogging about the National Holiday back in October to Mongolia!…and well guess what, it’s February and I’m back again!!  This time for 1 month – gonna be volunteering at an orphanage and working with Mongolian English teachers 🙂

ANYWAY….here’s what’s been happening in the past 4 months (in Beijing)

@ the Bird’s Nest!

Argentina vs Brazil!!!

From our seats, we were barely able to make out the numbers on the back of their jerseys but it was still really fun!! 

@ Pete’s Tex Mex Grill!
21 Jianguomen Outer Street, Chaoyang, Beijing, +86 10 8532 2449 

It was a 4 course turkey dinner!
1.Pumpkin soup
2. Waldorf Salad
3. Turkey with mashed potatoes (was a mix)
4. Pumpkin / key lime pie

OF COURSE we had to celebrate
Thanksgiving even if it’s halfway around
the world!!

Supervising kids…. for Halloween
@ school, where else?

Well the kids had a haunted house, or a haunted hallway rather, set up on the 4th floor of the school (it was kinda spooky ;)), and there was a Fear Factor sorta game happening downstairs. 

All in all, it was fun and the kids had absolutely no idea who we were in our costumes.  That definitely added to the fun 😉

@ school

In China, we encourage women to grow moustaches as well 😉

Volunteering with the students from the Community service Club!
@ Sun Village

It was so awesome to see the kids spending their Saturday morning helping out! We raked leaves, cleaned out the yard of the school, and put a classroom together.

Hmmm it’s hard to spot where I am isn’t it?  I tend to blend in with the students :/

The best time of the year!!! CHRISTMAS!
@ school staff lounge

WOOPYY!!! Christmas means being with friends and family, and it also means 2 weeks of vacation! (I will post about those 2 weeks later)!

The staff party that the admin and the Chinese staff put together for us was very very sweet and very very nice :).

..Since it IS the best time of the year, this deserves two pictures on my blog haha.

Here’s some of the first year teachers at the school!!! 

Fun on the ice!…with seats!@ Hohi (totally spelt that wrong)

Went skating with 2 girls on a half frozen pond (yes HALF)…and it held 50 million people.

.. Ended up joining a train of chair-sleds, pulled but a sled-bike! hahaha


Best Chinese home-cooked meal ever 😉
@ my friend’s homey apartment 

What’s better than eating homemade food?!….When it’s Chinese food that’s cooked by a foreigner but tastes better than the Chinese food at the restaurants!!!

This Canadian/Chinese couple cooked at least 7 dishes in just 15 minutes – I SWEAR! 

Thanks guys 😉

Winter ain’t winter without a visit to a skit resort!
@ Nanshan Ski Resort

We went here on a school trip, and yes there is definitely SNOW….good snow actually.. on the mountain.  As for all the other areas….not a single speck of white powder can be found.  And yes I’m talking about looking down from the top of the mountain, and also looking down from the chairlift haha.

The rentals were better the second time around…but it’s all luck.  Getting our ticket and rentals…and even getting in was chaotic…but in the end we were glad we decided to go! 

AND WELL…that wraps up my time in Beijing up until the Spring Festival!!

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