Pingyao (平遥) Trip Itinerary & Directions

Written by doubleoexplorers

Basically my seat haha was only 
able to get a standing ticket.

Arrived at Pingyao FAST TRAIN Station (this one is approx. 6-8 km away from the Ancient City) at around 7 am from Beijing.  The one where the slow train stops is 1 KM away from the Ancient City.  

Don’t take the taxi cause there will be buses waiting for you right when you exit the station and they all take you to the Ancient City.

Pingyao Train Station -> Take public bus 108 to the Ancient City, 3 RMB

Bus Route for bus 108


Pingyao Cheng Jia Hotel
No. 125 North Street, Pingyao, Jinzhong, Pingyao, Shanxi, China,
(Address in Chinese) 山西省晋中市平遥县城内北大街125号
T: ‎800-997-9138 / 354-568-0222

Enter through the North gate, walk straight and it is the 3rd little alleyway to the right.

This was a REALLY nice place and close to the North gate where you can get out easily 
to access the public buses to other places.  The owners were really nice as well and the 
place was really clean.  I paid around 150 RMB for each night.


I made the mistake of taking the bus from the train station to the Ancient City…only to realize I could have stopped by the Shuanglin Temple first because that was the next stop after the train station.  So I just backtracked after I got my room and basically spent 15 minutes on the bus going back towards the station.

Shuanglin Temple (双林寺)
35 RMB
From the Ancient City, walk out of the North gate, go straight until you get to the intersection.  Cross the street, turn right, and keep walking for 3 minutes until you see a bus shelter.  Take number 108 bus until the second last stop.

Honestly, the most legit temple in China (that I have seen so far).  It’s even more ancient looking than the buildings inside the Pingyao Ancient City cause they hardly did any touch ups.

Pingyao Ancient City
150 RMB 3 day pass

Went back to the Ancient City, bought the 3 day pass right outside the North gate (to the left if you face the North gate, near the washrooms) and wandered around for the rest of the night.  

Most of the ancient buildings close their doors between 5:30-6 pm so get in those before they close.  There’s TONS of them everywhere. 

Dinner wasn’t that fantastic so I won’t tell you where I had food.  Although there were signs outside this restaurant that claimed Lonely Planet recommends people to have their fries and coffee here (totally a scam I swear haha).  I did make some puppy friends though 😛


Zhangbi Ancient Castle (张壁古堡)
Entrance fee: 40 RMB
Opening hours: 8 – 18:30 

Oh my goodness this was tough to get to cause I had no idea which buses to take but here’s all the instructions so it should be a lot easier.

From the North Gate, go straight towards the intersection, cross to the other side and turn right.  You will walk past the green public bus stop.  Keep going and on your left side you should see a bunch of mini buses in a parking lot.  There should also be a building where you can go inside and get bus tickets.  You need to take the bus to Jièxiū (介休) first.  It is 9 RMB.  You do not need to get a ticket, just pay on the bus.  

Now here’s the tough part.  When you get to the Jièxiū town, get off at the Jièxiū Train Station (介休火车站).  Cross the street to the side of the train station.  Do not go in, but continue straight and you should see a mini bus station beside the train station.  Look for the sign at the front windshield of the bus that says “张壁村” (Zhangbicun).  Either that or go on each bus and show those characters to the drivers. 

THEEEEE BUS!!!!!! But this was the bus at the ancient castle waiting to go back to Jièxiū but the sign is basically the same.  

OKAY! Once you have found your bus, the hardest part is over!  The driver will drop you off at the castle and there’s signs everywhere so you won’t get lost.  

But yea…I did not get a guide and it was definitely not tourist season when I went so it was FREAKY as heck down there.  There were literally tunnels that branched off to other tunnels and it was just pitch dark.  I had my flashlight on with I took this pic haha.  There are signs though so as long as you remember which tunnel you turned in from then it all works out and eventually you will find your way out 😛

finito!!! Found the exit!! 


I didn’t have time to go to  Zhenguo Temple, but it could have been totally doable if I didn’t sleep in Sat and Sun haha.  If you do want to go there though, take bus 9 to the final stop.  Bus fare should be 3 RMB and it is 30 RMB to get inside the temple.  

Just spent the rest of the Sunday on the city walls and also checking out more of the ancient buildings.  Left via sleeper train that night :).

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