Neon Disco cave…aka Silver Fox Cave/Yin Hu Dong (银狐洞)

Written by doubleoexplorers

Entrance fee: 55 RMB.  You have to go in with a tour guide.  This price also includes the boat fee.


Go to Pingguoyuan Subway Station. Exit A.  Walk west for 250m.  Go under the skyway to find bus 948. Get off at #50.

Walk across the road and follow the road that curves up.  You will eventually get to this place!

The last 948 bus is at 3:40 pm.  Who the hell knows why….

Here’s the schedule for the other buses.  I ended up taking bus 23 cause that was the one and only bus that was left since I got back to the bus stop at 4:30 pm.  I definitely had no idea where bus 23 would take me though.  

Haha…well I ended up getting off at the second last stop…then transferred to bus 907….to get to the last stop on the fang shan line (房山).  I got on at the Suzhuang (苏庄) stop. It took me…90 minutes to get home from there. Oh man….never miss bus 948 haha.

Go to random interesting places around Beijing ..check! 😀 

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