Le “North Capital” year 2 :D

Written by doubleoexplorers

εŒ— North
δΊ¬ Capital

I never thought I would ever return to China, specifically BEIJING, for a second year of anything.  Haha so pessimistic.  But anyway, I’m living in a way more chilled out area this year that is also just seconds away from all the unique bars and cafes that are hidden within olden Chinese living quarters that are still left standing (for now).  Also working at the sister school of my school from last year with actual Chinese students in an International program…aka I have picked up some Chinese slangs haha.  

Here’s what’s been happening since the end of Aug πŸ˜€

New trend…plants in hair. lol.

My second day back..still jet lagged 
and life was still a blur.

My one and only CLEAR and beautiful picture of Beijing.
and then those smoggy days appeared haha

…And then I met the queen of selfies haha.  I guess it ain’t a big deal though to go cray cray with them in China.  Still trying to find the perfect opportunity to photo bomb someone thought.  It’s seriously a challenge to do that here cause they like to take a million and one selfies all in 5 seconds and so they will for sure notice me :(.

Woohoo I love birthdays!! And with “so many” staff at our school there have been birthdays every month so far πŸ˜€ 

Found a rando and brought him up.
Super deelish everything on the table.


Yay turkey day!!! Canadian Thanksgiving with my two loves and American Thanksgiving with the kids πŸ˜€  Stole the school pic from someone’s Insta…but it’s only awks if he sees this lol.  Well obvs we had plenty of food and we were all verrrrry thankful. lol


Clearly, fans of coke-a-cola …… πŸ˜‰

hehehe these things are always fun.  Went to Geibei Watertown (totally spelt the Chinese wrong) but it didn’t really matter where we went… I mean it was just fun hanging out with everyone.

Yes I totally miss this girl! 
And yes the food was deelish!
..it’s always about the food haha.

Definitely turning super Chinese

here, thinking that good food 
means everything.

Also saw this other foreigner 
eating with her Chinese (friend?)
at another table and well one of 
them was just on her phone
scrolling through wechat pics
while the other literally just sat 
there starring into space.


 Yay Ugly Christmas Sweater Partayy!!! Had it at my place and then hit up other places after that.  Haha tried to go all out at Walmart (China edition…) and got Christmas decorations except a lot of them were super cheese…so just got some lights and some things to hang.  The best thing everrrrr was the spray snow thing for windows!!!!  Totally sprayed all my windows and gonna keep it on all year long so my neighbours can’t creep me.    

And last but not least…
here’s my main man in China hahahaha

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